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The HBarC Bolero Jacket

The Iconic Embroidered Piped Jacket - EPJ - by H-BAR-C California Ranchwear. This jacket was originally designed and made for Bob Wills ( Country Singer ) in 1936. By the 1940’s the jacket was so popular, retailers across the country were introducing this jacket in their stores. 
The jacket was made from the finest rayon textile and woven into a gabardine weave. Detailed chain stitch embroidery is carefully sewn on a Corneille sewing machine made each jacket one of a kind. As each decade rolled by, this jacket continued to be made and was featured in other colors. By the 1970’s, new woven poly gabardine appeared and H-BAR-C, as well as many manufacturers across the country, switched to this fabric due to faster sewing production and easier care for the customer. 
Today, HBarC is remaking this jacket to perfection like the good “OLE” days of the 1940’s. The new Poly Cabardine fabric makes this jacket wearable all year round. On the inside, the jacket has a polysilk lining which is extremely comfortable and helps keep the feel of the jacket balanced in cool or warm weather.
The rich black color with white embroidery enhances the great style and beauty that HBarC has made a standard to this day. So journey down memory lane and enjoy this jacket as they did over 50 years ago.
Size - Small - 3XL. 
Black only 
100% Poly Gabardine

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