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The Royal Flush

The H Bar C Hollywood Collection presents "The Royal Flush". The Royal Flush is a throw back to the good ole' vintage days. This unique style was originally made in 1957 for all the card dealers at the opening of the Frontier Hotel downtown Las Vegas. This shirt was so well received that H-BAR-C decided to add this shirt in their line so retailers could make it available to their customers. The Royal Flush also became popular with square dancers, parades and entertainers.The new Royal Flush is back where old meets new.The detail tailoring is perfect, staying true to all the vintage appointments but keeping with a modern fit that feels great. The new poly textile is great for all seasons.The beautiful chain stitching with smile pockets and pearl snaps makes this shirt desirable to the new look of the western market and forward fashion.

Colors- Black/White, Royal/White, Red/White, White/Black

Exclusive Features- Vintage tailoring with a modern fit, embroidered  royal flush, flat sewn seams, multi-color single needle chain stitching, round pearl snaps, sewn hem at bottom, vintage "Rodeo Cuff" with five pearl snaps, white or black pipping, smile pockets with embroidered applique' arrows and new poly gab fabric wearable all year round.

Fabric- Poly Gabardine

Sizes- Men's S-2xl

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