The Standard Carson


All parties coming together to create this beautiful hat.

Jess Carson + Standard Hat Works + H Bar C + Derrick Gordon

  • Limited Edition of only 18 hats produced and sold.
  • Hats are 100% Fur Felt Manufactured in Waco, Texas
  • Sterling silver band handmade by Navajo silversmith - Derrick Gordon
  • Each piece is signed and numbered.  
This hat is available in sizes 6 3/4 - 7 5/8
Please contact us before buying at sales@hbarc.com so that we can confirm that we have your size and reduce shipping costs before processing the sale.
The Free Shipping offers for domestic and International Customers on this site do not Apply to this product. Shipping will be charged. Also, because this is a collaboration with several outside parties, any coupon codes or discounts are not eligible for this product  


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