Halpern and Christenfeld found H Bar C

New York City 1897

HBarC begins to make high fashion clothing in Brooklyn, NY 

HBarC Goes Western

Los Angeles 1939

In the late 1930's HBarC shifted its focus to become the leader in western wear to capture the spirit of the west in the garment industry.

American Production Shuts Down

With the movement towards off shore  production, HBarC chose to close down production in Los Angeles.

Back on Top

A Leader Once Again

With a great product selection, HBarC is once again the brand of choice for the entertainment industry. HBarC is proud to be introducing a limited collection of design by Midland in early 2020.   


Our looks

HBarC and the environment

TENCEL® is a brand name for a fiber which is also called lyocell, manufactured by the Lenzing AG company.

It is a sustainable fabric, regenerated from wood cellulose and is one of the most environmentally friendly regenerated fabrics, for several reasons. Tencel fibers are grown sustainably.  It is obtained from eucalyptus trees that are grown on farms—no old growth forests, genetic manipulation, irrigation, or pesticides are used.

This overall method of manufacturing fabric was awarded the “European Award for the Environment” by the European Union. Most of H Bar C's products are made using Tencel and even though it forces the cost of the product to be slightly higher than if we were to use other fabrics, the company is committed to being a leader when it comes to our environmental responsibility.