Boo Ray - The Visalia

The “Visalia” is the newest H Bar C Ranchwear shirt in the signature Boo Ray collaboration. 
This floral print originated from a well worn, paper thin vintage 70’s H Bar C western shirt that Boo Ray’s Granddad, Sigvard Hansen passed down to him. Sigvard was Danish immigrant who became a well known Southern California horseman and rancher, making his way in rodeo, and as a livestock handler for Hollywood western movies in the 1950's. 

 Boo Ray named the "Visalia" shirt after the small Southern California town that was the namesake, and home of the Visalia Stock Saddle Company, which made the most desired saddles, bits, and spurs of the time. The style of the fitted garments that H Bar C Ranchwear made for working cowboys was a major influence on the style of western wear, and the "Nudie Suits" that Nudie Cohn began making for country singers in the 1940's, and became the style of country music. The H Bar C cropped waist jackets were made for cowboys working in the saddle to allow freedom of movement. The fitted sleeves and cuffs were made to avoid excess fabric getting caught or tangled as a cowboy dallied a rope around his saddle horn. This fitted vaquero style was born out of purpose.      

The “Visalia” marks the third garment in the continuing collaboration between the Nashville singer songwriter and H Bar C,  joining the “San Ysidro” and the “Louisiana” shirts in the signature artist collaboration. 


“H Bar C heard about my collection of vintage H Bar C garments, and asked me to send them my favorites, and they designed some new shirts based on the ones my grandad gave me. These shirts symbolize a favorite part of my family history and I couldn’t be more excited about this cool new line in H Bar C’s historic style." -Boo Ray

Fabric is 100% Premium Tencel

Custom digital print for a limited run

Sizes are XS-2XL


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